Drinking Fountain by Petkit
Drinking Fountain by Petkit
Drinking Fountain by Petkit
Drinking Fountain by Petkit
Drinking Fountain by Petkit
Drinking Fountain by Petkit

Drinking Fountain by Petkit

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PETKIT Gen.2 Smart Drinking Pet Water Fountain with water purification function

Multi-stage Purifying System:

Water is soften and filtered by the top filter tray, utilizing coconut shell activated carbon and an ion exchange resin.

Unique Water Flow Design:  

1. The water would be full exposure to the filter element, which guarantee the fresh water can be provided to your beloved pets anytime when your pets need it;   

2. With the dynamic water flow, the Oxygen would significantly increase for better water quality for your pets;

3. Ultra-silent design perfectly lowers the sound of dripping water, therefore pet owners will live more happily with their beloved pets with less noise and bothering;  

Dual Modes:  

Equipped with light sensor and water volumetric indicator, when the fountain is working at the SMART MODE which is more quiet and energy-saving, it can automatically change the water welling up frequency between day and night.    

When at the NORMAL MODE, the water would keep welling up to make sure that your pets can always get access to the fresh water, especially after their intensive activity back to home from the outside

Water-shortage Alert Notification:

We design the drinking fountain with special considerations for pet owners.

The LED light will flash out to remind you of refilling the inner tank when the water is below the indicator.

Even if you are too busy to take care of the watering system, EVERSWEET works with auto power off mode to better protect the pump.

Moreover, the glowing light would also remind you it's time to change the filter.

Filter Change Reminder:

The orange light will be flashed when the filter needs to be replaced. 

Filters available for purchase here: https://www.pet-culture.com/products/water-fountain-filter-unit